Unity Workflow - Manually Verifying Failed Verifications

In the system, Creator's posts are programmatically checked by our verification process. Verification is a process through which the platform checks to make sure everything the Creator has posted matches what was approved by you within the system. The system will also check that the Creator has not taken down their post after it has been published in the platform. If a Creator's post fails verification, you will have the option to manually verify the post. 

1. Once in your Project, you will be taken to the Outline tab. From here navigate to the Manual Verification tab.

2. On the Manual Verification tab, you will be able to view all of posts that have failed to pass our verification system. They will be listed as Submission Error, Verification Error or Ready For Verification. For this article, we will be focusing on the Verification Error. From the list provided, select the post that you would like to review by clicking on the Creator name. Please Note: if the failed verification you need to review is for a post from an archived campaign, you will need to select to view the project for it using the archived filer. 

3. Now that you have selected the post you would like to verify you will be able to view the follow:

  • Creator Submission - This is a direct link to the live post the Creator has submitted for Manual Verification. 
  • Verification Issues - These are the reasons that the system has flagged this Creator's post.

4. You have the option to verify the submission or confirm the failed verification. Before verifying, please make sure that you have reviewed the Verification Issues. Once verified this action can not be undone. If after reviewing the issues you would still like to verify the post, select Verify Post.

5. After selecting Verify Post, you will be prompted to review the submission again and verify once more. If you would still like to verify, select Verify Post.6. Once the post has been confirmed, the post will move back to the Outline tab as Verified.

7. If you would instead like to confirm that this post should have failed verification, select Yes, Confirm Failure. By confirming the failure the Creator will not receive payment for their post.

8. Once the failure has been confirmed, the post will move back to the Outline tab as a Verification Failed.

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