Unity Workflow - Editing Publishing Windows And Draft Due Dates

In the platform you are able to edit your Draft Due Dates and Publishing Window after an Offer has been accepted by the Creator. The Creator will be promoted to accept these new changes before they can continue working on their Offer.  

1. Locate the offer you would like to edit from the Outline tab. Click on the icon and select Edit Offer Details.

2. From here a flyout will appear where you can select the Unit you would like to edit. 

3. Select the icon to edit the Offer Due Date or the Publishing Window. Choose the new date(s) for this Unity by selecting the date(s) on the calendar.

4. Once you have selected your new date(s), you will be able to view the previous date and reset to the original date if needed. 

5. Now that you have selected your date(s), click Save Changes. You will notice that a blue notification will appear next to the Unit where the changes were made. The notification will reflect the number of changes that were made to the Unit and its properties. 

6. Next, you will need to review the changes and leave any additional comments you would like to send to the Creator. 

7. If everything looks correct, select Request Changes. The status of the Offer will then change to Changes Requested. 

8. You will have the option at this point to withdraw the changes. To withdraw the changes, select the  the icon and click Withdraw Changes.


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