Unity Workflow - Automated Content Workflow Emails

As each Creator's content moves through the Workflow, you will receive automated emails regarding the status of their work. You can find an outlined list of these emails below. 

Automated Email Responses for Marketers - Workflow

  • Content/Revision has been Submitted by Creator
  • Content has Published
  • Content is Verified

Your Creators will also receive emails based on the actions you have taken on their content. 

Automated Email Responses For Creators - Workflow

  • Content Change Request from Marketer
    • This email is unit or task based
  • Content Approved by Marketer
    • This email will display date to publish and will be followed with a Content Ready to Post notification
  • Content Published
    • This email signals that the your content has been marked as published in the system.
  • Content Verified

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