Unity Workflow - Adding Slots To Your Calendar

When creating a Project in your Unity Workflow Dashboard, you will need to add Open Slots to your calendar in order for Creator's to choose a publishing date. Each slot equals one Offer, so you will want to open enough to match the number of Creators you plan to work with for your Project. Before inviting Creators to your Project, you'll want to predetermine how you would like your Creators to spread out their posts. This will allow you to set up the Calendar availability accordingly.

1. To set up your Calendar Slots, go into your Unity Workflow and then to the Project you would like to set up Calendar Slots for. Then at the top, select Calendar

2. Your Calendar will look something like this, and will have one Open Slot, or  on every day that is within your Publishing Window.  

3. To add an Open Slot to your Calendar, click the green  in the bottom right corner of your desired date.

4. It is important to note that once you have created an Open Slot, you can't remove it from the Calendar. Be careful that you only add the amount of Open Slots you need, so that Creator's are able to choose from those dates provided. 

Once you have configured the Calendar with enough Open Slots for Creators to choose from, according to you or your client's preference, you can send out Offers. The Creators you invite to your Project will then be able to choose their preferred Publish Date within the Publishing Window and Open Slots you have set up.  

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