Creating A Promoted Posts Campaign

After your Campaigns have produced content, you will be able to promote individual pieces of content using Promoted Posts. Each piece of content can be set to match specific targeting or you can create one target set for multiple pieces of content.

1. Once on the Promoted Posts tab, you will see all of the content from your Campaigns that are eligible for promotion. The green promotable icon indicates that the Creator has given access to promote their content on their behalf. If you do not see this icon, then the Creator will be sent an email asking them to grant access once your Campaign is set up. 

2. At this point you can select the content you would like to promote. You can filter the content by Campaign Name, Connection Username, Creator Account, Opportunity, and Platform. To filter your content, select the filter icon  and then choose which filtering option you would like to use. 

3. Select the check box next to the content or pieces of content you would like to promote and then click, Promote # Post above the search box.

4. From here, you will need to create your Promotion Campaign. Below you will find a brief description of each element needed when creating your Campaign. 

  • Ad Campaign - This will be the name used to identify this particular Campaign. We would suggest you use the originating Campaign name under your Sponsorship or Unity Workflow tab. 
  • Objective - Objectives are similar to the KPI's for your Campaign. You can choose between Post Engagement (clicks, likes, shares and comments). Please note you can only choose one Objective per Campaign. 
  • Ad Group - Ad Groups contain all of the details for your Campaign. Budget, targeting, and placement (Facebook or Instagram) will all be set at the Ad Group level. We would suggest using the same name as your Ad Campaign and then adding a few details such as the placement or the Objective. 

Once you have entered all of your Campaign information, select Promote Posts

5. Now that you have created your Campaign, you will need to set your Audience and Placement. When setting your audience, you can be as granular as you would like to ensure you are targeting the correct audience for your posts. Below you will find a description of each of the targeting sets.

  • Locations - When setting your location you must include at least one geographic target. Enter your location in the box provided and then select it from the auto-complete dropdown. You also have the option to exclude locations from your audience targeting. 
  • Age - Your Audience age is a range of ages. You can only select one age range for each Audience. 
  • Gender - You can choose the gender of your Audience or leave your Audience set to All. 
  • Detailed Targeting - In the Detailed Targeting section you can include or exclude Demographics, Interest and Behaviors of the Audience. For example you may want to include married people and exclude people who are not. 

6. Once you have filed out all of your Audience information, you can view an estimate of the number of people who will see your Promoted Post on the right-hand side of your screen. You will also have the option to Save this Audience for future use. 

7. Click Set Budget & Schedule to finish setting up your Campaign. 

8. When setting your budget the budget you set will be for the entire lifetime of your Campaign. Enter the amount you would like to allocate to your Campaign in the box provided. You will also need to choose the Funding Source. The Funding Source must be one of your Sponsorship or Unity Workflow Campaigns. This Campaign must have a Campaign Budget set in order to use it for funding your Promoted Post Campaign. Click the dropdown arrows to choose your Funding Source. 

9. Now that your Funding Source is set, you will need to schedule the date and time for when your Promoted Posts will appear. 

Daily Schedule - The Daily Schedule is the timeframe when your post will be visible on the Creators feed. Choose the time range for when you would like your post to be live. The post will only remain live during this time frame and will be removed at the end of this range. 

Schedule -  The Schedule is the calendar range for longevity set for this Campaign. 

10. After you have filled in all of your information, select Promote

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