Unity Projects - Downloading Creator Content For Revisions

If you would like to download a Creator's content for review by an external team you may do so in a few simple steps. 

Note: This content, and any modification thereto, is owned in full by the creator engaged to provide services, and no rights or licenses of any kind are transferred. This content may not be used for commercial purposes, published, or distributed without the consent of the copyright owner.

1. Locate the Project that has Content under the Ready for Review tab and select the number under this tab. 

2. From here you will be taken to the Draft Review tab, where you can view the Creator's submitted content. On this tab you will also be able to view the Cost, Due Date, Publish Date, and Requirements. 

3. Select the downloadicon next to Approve Content. A download of the Creators content and image files will be transferred to your desktop. 

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