Unity Workflow - Adding Twitter Unit Details

The Unit Details section is where you will provide all of the information about what you would like Creators to discuss and include in their content. You can be as detailed as you would like in this section. 

Twitter Post Description 

This section should tell the Creators exactly what they are expected to do and should provide them with some talking points that they can expand on within their post. Below you will find a sample Twitter Post Description.


Are you in need of a beach getaway? Coastal Travel, Inc has the solution! We have partnered with Ft Lauderdale Beach to bring travelers great discounts on beachfront properties and we need your help to spread the word! What could be better than spending a relaxing day on a beach lined with palm trees and crystal blue water?! We surely can't think of anything better! We would like for you to promote our website and feature some of the available deals we are currently running. If you live in the Ft Lauderdale area, feel free to include some photos of local attractions, restaurants, or great beach shots!"

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for an established travel blogger to partner with us on this great opportunity. You must be currently residing in the United States. Previous travel to Florida beaches is a plus but not required.

Twitter Post Requirements 

The Requirements sections should tell the Creators exactly what they are expected to do and should provide them with some talking points that they can expand on within their post. To add your Requirements, follow the steps provided below:

1. Select Add Requirement and enter your first Requirement in the box provided. 

2. If you click on the  icon you will be able to add a sub requirement to the Requirement that was just added. Think of it like a bulleted list. 

3. Once finished, click on Add Requirement again to add your next Requirement. You can add as many Requirements as you would like to your Project, however, we would suggest not limiting the Creators by providing too many detailed talking points. 

4. You can delete a Requirement by clicking the  icon.

Here are sample Requirements for your Opportunity: 

  • Let your readers know that Coastal Travel, Inc. has great deals on travel to Ft Lauderdale.
  • Feature at least one of the Ft Lauderdale hotels from our website in your post. 
  • Encourage your readers to visit our website and social media accounts. 


This is the default deadline for content to be submitted and published in this Project. The Creators will have the option to select their publishing date from the window you provide here. These times can be edited at a later date on an Offer by Offer basis and Creators will be notified when these dates and times change in their account. 

Targeting Sets

Targeting sets are automatically created when you save searches in the search feature. All filters from that saved search, except for all keyword(s), will be used to determine which Creators are eligible to see and bid on this Project. There are three preset Targeting Sets that are for you. Below you will find a description of each. 

All Creators - This will allow all Creators in any network to bid on and view your Project. 

Creators in My Network - This will only allow Creators in your private network to bid on and view this Project. 

Creators Not in my Network - This allows Creators from all Networks expect your Private Network to bid on and view this Project. 

Sending & Receiving Offers

You will notice at the bottom of the Details page an option to start accepting bids as soon as your Project is approved. If you set the checkbox to "Start accepting bids as soon as the Project is approved?" then your Project will be sent to Creators and they will be able to bid on it immediately. You will be able to edit your Project at any time to adjust this setting after your Project has been created. 

Once you have finished inputting all of your Details, it is time to move onto the Elements portion of the Project. The following article will walk you through this process in detail.

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