Unity Blog Project - Adding Shares

When creating your Blog Project you can choose to add Social Share requirements. Social Shares are additional posts that the Creators will complete along with their blog post. These shares will include a link that drives traffic back to the blog post. If you would like, however, you can provide a Custom Link that will override the blog post link in the Social Share. 

Adding Social Shares

1. Once you have added the details to your blog Project and added your Elements, you will be taken to the Shares page. 

2. Click Add a Share

3. From here, you will be able to select which platform the share will be posted on. For this example we will be using Instagram. Select the Instagram option in the drop-down. 

4. Now it is time to add your Share details. The description is where you will provide the Creators with directions about what you would like to see in their posts. The Creator's will still be able to access the main Project overview, but you should provide any talking points or legal restrictions in your description. 

5. After adding your description, add any Hashtags or Mentions that you would like the Creators to use. These can be either required (must use) or optional (can use if wanted). 

6. To add these Elements, enter your copy in the either the Required or Optional boxes provided and hit Enter. You do not need to include the # or @ symbol as these will be automatically added for you. 

7. You will now have the option to add a Custom Link to the share. By default the post will include a link that goes back to the Creator's blog post. If you decide to use a custom link, you can override this behavior with a custom URL that you provide. To add a custom link, select Yes, I would like to use a custom link and enter the link in the box provided.

8. After you have filled out all of the information for your Social Share, you can click on Add a Share to create another Social Share or select Create Project.  

Removing and Cloning Shares

You have the option to remove or clone your Social Shares from your Project at any time. To remove a Share, click the  icon and select Remove Share. Removing a share will delete all of the information previously entered. To clone a Share, click the  icon and select Clone Share. Cloning a share will copy all information into a new cloned share. 

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