Rating Creators With Delegated Review

With Delegated Creator Review, you are able to review Creators and their connections before they are accepted to your Campaigns. Marketers can send you a list of hand selected Creators that they think will be a great fit for your Campaign. 

1. Locate and select the Campaign where the Creator Lists are housed from the Sponsorship Dashboard. 

2. From here you will be taken to the Campaign Dashboard. Select the Creator List that has Creators waiting to be reviewed. 

3. Once on the Creator List Details page, you will be able to view all of the Creators the Marketer has sent over for review. When rating your Creators there are three levels of usability that you may choose from; Yes, Please Use, Maybe, Use as Secondary and No, Don't Use. You may also notice that the Marketer also has left you a comment on why they have chosen this particular Creator for your Campaign. 

4. To View the Creator's profile, select their name next to their Avatar. A fly out will appear where you can view all of the details for that Creator. You can also view the Creator's live social connection by selecting the At-A-Glance drop-down. From here select the Connection you would like to view and then click, View on Instagram (or other relevant channel).

5. To rate the Creators simply click on one of the options provided. You can change your rating at anytime by clicking on another of the options provided. 

6. After you have finished rating all of your Creators you may navigate away from the page or log out of your account. The ratings will be programmatically sent to the Marketers. If you would like to speak to the Marketer directly, you may send them a Marketer Chat. 

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