Reviewing Content With Delegated Review

Delegated Content Review is a fantastic way to work with Marketers on Creator content review. With this tool, you are able to make comments and annotations directly on the Creators content. This article will walk you through using the Delegated Content Review.

1. Locate and select Campaign where the Content is housed from the Sponsorship Dashboard. 


2. From here you will be taken to the Campaign Dashboard. Locate the Opportunity with the content notification and select name of the Opportunity. 


3. Inside your Opportunity, locate the content you would like to revise. Before reviewing content make sure to check the review by date that has been set by the Marketer. If you do not review the content by this date, it will be removed from your queue and presented to the next reviewer. You will not be able to request that the content be sent back to you for review. Once you are ready to review the content, select View.

EnterpriseConRev-View 2.jpg

4. You will be taken to the Review screen where you can view the content in its entirety. From the Review screen you will be able to see the following information:

  • Quality and reach of the Creator's social connection

  • When the content needs to be reviewed by 

  • Content statistics (words, images, audience age, etc.)


5. In order to request a change regarding a specific word or sentence of the content, simply highlight the text and an Annotations box will appear where you are able to add your feedback. Make sure to click the Add button or your feedback will not be added.


6. As you add multiple annotations, they will stack on the right-hand side of the content.


7. Once your Annotations have been added, you can scroll to the bottom to click Submit Review. This will send your revisions back to the Marketer for review. If you have more than one person reviewing content, it will move onto the next reviewer. 


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