Reading Your Individual Article Analytics

Each Article that you promote will have it's own custom analytics that can be monitored from your account. The following article will walk you through locating and navigating your custom analytics.

1. Log into your account and select the ContentAmp Navigation tab on the far left-hand side of your account. 

2. Click on the Project where your Article is housed by selecting the Project name or View.

3. From here locate and select the Article you would like to view by clicking on the Article name or View.

4. Select the Analytics tab.

5. From here you will be able to view the Total Clicks, Total Shares, Total Likes and Total engagement for this particular Article to date.  

6. Clicks, Shares, and Likes will each also have its own graph that will provide you with a visual layout of your activity for each day. The numbers at the top of your graph represent the total number of Clicks, Shares, and Likes for the date range selected. 

7. By default, you will be able to view the metrics for all of the social platforms your Articles have been shared to. If your Article has been share to more than one social platform, you can select which platform you would like to view the metrics by selecting the drop-down next to All Platforms.  Once on the drop-down, simply select the platform you would like to view. 

8. You also have the ability to select a custom date range if you would like to see how your Article performed on a certain date. To set a custom date, select the drop-down arrow next to the calendar icon. You will be able to choose from a multitude of different date ranges, or if you would like, you can choose one of the date ranges provided. After you have selected your chosen date, click Apply

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