Additional Tracking with UTM Tags

Through the use of Google Analytics, ContentAmp allows you to include a custom UTM tag in order to better track traffic coming to your website. These tags are created within your Project Settings and can be customized for each individual project. The UTM source and medium will be programmatically set for you so you can easily view all incoming traffic from ContentAmp. *Please note that you must currently be utilizing the Google Analytics tool to track your website traffic. 

1. Once your ContentAmp Project has been created, you can include a custom UTM campaign tag that will help you determine the amount of traffic you have received from a specific Project when viewed in your Google Analytics account. UTM tags can be added from the Project Settings page and will only be amended to new traffic links. We suggest using a tag that aligns with the Project name for easier tracking.

2. Your Google Analytics account shows incoming traffic to your website and allows you to drill into that information to view the sources for that traffic. From the "All Campaigns" page (Acquisition --> Campaigns --> All Campaigns), you can search for the UTM campaign tag you have created which will show all traffic coming from that ContentAmp Project. 

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