Setting Up A ContentAmp Project

The following steps will walk you through setting up a ContentAmp Project in the platform. 

1. Select the ContentAmp tab from the left hand navigation bar. Click the Create Project button. 

2. The New Project page will allow you to set your Project Type, Project Details, Budget and CPC. 

Project Type(s)

RSS/Feed - Allows you to add on RSS feed URL. Any new posts to the feed will automatically generate a new Article and will be charged the set Budget for amplification unless manually disabled.

Individual Links - Allows you to add multiple URLs to build your project. You will be charged the set Budget per link that you add. Make sure to click Add.

Project Details - The Project Details reflect the title of your Project/Article and the summary of the Article. These will be presented to the Creators when they are selecting Articles that they would like to promote. Make sure to click Save Details when finished. 

Budget - You must set an Article Budget. The Article Budget set here will be charged for every new article pulled in from the RSS Feed.

CPC - The Cost Per Click is the amount you are willing to pay the Creator every time someone clicks on their post. 

3. Review your Project details and if everything looks good, select Create Project. Your Project will then be sent to our team for review. 

4. If you do not already have an Account Balance, you will be taken to a page that will allow you to enter your payment details and the credit card you would like to be charged. 

5. Once your Project has been approved by the Admin, it will be viewable by Creators that meet your targeting criteria. They will create content which will be systematically approved before it goes live. There is no manual approval process needed on your end. 

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