ContentAmp Wordpress Plugin For Marketers

The IZEA Wordpress plugin allows you to control which posts from your RSS or Atom feed will be automatically Amplified by your IZEA ContentAmp Projects. You can control this globally for all posts from the admin menu, and on a post by post basis from the edit view.


  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress Plugin's screen. You can also directly upload the files to a /wp-content/plugins/izea directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress. When successfully installed, you should see the following plugin icon in your navigation bar:

ContentAmp Options - Admin Menu

From the Wordpress Admin menu, you can adjust whether all new posts should be amplified by default. If unchecked, you will need to manually Activate Articles from the ContentAmp tab within your Marketer account. 

ContentAmp Options - Edit View

From the Edit View of a post within Wordpress, you can select the checkbox if you would like the current article to automatically be amplified with ContentAmp. *Please note that this will charge the credit card on file for your Marketer account for the amount you set when creating your ContentAmp Project. 

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