ContentAmp Finances

When setting up a ContentAmp Project, you will be required to set an Article Budget and Cost Per Click amount. The Article Budget must be at least $10 and Cost Per Click amount must be at least $0.25. If there is no Account Balance, the credit card on file will be charged per article that is promoted through ContentAmp. 

If creating a Project with an RSS Feed, the set Article Budget will be charged for every article that is pulled in by the Feed unless you manually Stop that Article or unless you select the Manual Mode shown in the Project Review screen. If you utilize the IZEA Wordpress plugin, you will be able to select whether you would like to amplify each article as it is published to your site. 

Once an article has expired and Creators have been paid, any remaining funds in the Available Budget will return to the Marketer's main account Balance. Creators will be paid 30 days after the end of the article duration giving the system plenty of time to filter out faulty clicks. Once Creators have been paid, the remainder of the budget (if available) will return to the main Budget. Depending on the duration you have set in your Project Settings, funds can be returned to your account anywhere from 36 days to 40 days after an article has started in ContentAmp.

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