Project Dashboard Overview

Once you create an account, you will be able to login to your dashboard to manage your ContentAmp Project(s). The main Project Dashboard will show all Projects that are currently live as well as high-level statistic about the Project including Amount Spent, Total Reach, and Total Clicks.

To view the Project Dashboard, click the ContentAmp tab in the left navigation of your account. 

RSS Project vs. Individual Links

If you are running an RSS project you have the option to Set Project to Manual, or Stop the Project completely from your Project Dashboard. Setting the Project to Manual will allow the system to pull in new Articles however, they will not be automatically activated. Stopping the Project will prevent any new Articles from being pulled into the Project for amplification. 

If you are running an Individual Link Project, you will have the option to set your Project to manual from your Project Dashboard. Setting a Project to manual will still allow you to add Articles however, you will have to manually activate all of the newly added Articles. 

Project Details

By clicking View or the Project Nameyou will be able to view various details about the Project and the Articles that make up the Project.

Once inside a Project, the top section will show the Budget Per Article and the Default CPC which were set when the Project was initially created. These values can be altered for any new Articles but will not affect Articles that have already been activated.

You can also Stop a Project from this section and see the Project status (Manual or Auto). The tabs on this page allow you to view the Articles within a Project, the Analytics of the Project, and the Settings of the Project.  

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