What Is ContentAmp?

What is ContentAmp?

ContentAmp is a way to promote your owned media through social influencer sharing on a performance basis. It's great for buzz and awareness at scale! ContentAmp is perfect for Marketers with a direct response budget and existing content streams. It is designed to share branded content served through an interested influencer who believes their audience will engage with the content. 

RSS Feed vs. Individual Links?

A Marketer will need to determine if their publishing cadence would best be supported by our RSS feed method (grabs all articles posted and activates them for distribution) or if an individual article distribution is better suited to their needs. For example, if you post content regularly then the RSS Feed might be the easiest solution to make sure your content is well distributed. Once that decision is made, there are settings that control budget, CPC, targeting, length of article flight, and if applicable a grace period for RSS feed articles that controls the duration between when an article is discovered and when it is activated.

1. Add Content

Use RSS Feeds or Individual links to to automatically create new opportunities for Creators every time you publish fresh content. 

2. Set a Budget

Set and adjust your budget for your entire campaign as well as each individual piece of content you wish to promote. There is a minimum set up fee of $10 per article which will cover the Cost Per Click transactions.

3. Set Channels

Choose to amplify on either Twitter or Facebook and choose the Communities (Beauty, Fashion, Travel, etc.) that align with your brand. 

4. Measure Impact

Real time measurement of performance on a per-Creator basis with third party click scoring and validation. 

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