Unity Search - Creator Connection Status

When working in the platform, you may notice that a Creators Connection(s) has a specific status. There are three statuses in the platform; Connected, Expired and Disconnected. A Connections status can change at any time depending on what action the Creator has taken. Below, you will find a brief description of each of these statuses. 

Connected- Once a Creator adds their Connection to their account it will be considered Connected in the platform. Connected properties can be found in search and sent Offers. 

Expired- Connections will be considered "expired" if the Creator needs to reauthorize their Connections in their account. Reauthorizing a Connection reactivates the Creators OAuth permissions and allows the system to pull data for that specific Connection. Connections will need to be reauthorized if a Creator changes any of the previous permissions on that specific social channel. For example; if a Creator changes their Facebook password they will need to reauthorize their Facebook Connection in the platform.

Expired Connections can still be found in all of the search features of the platform, however, you will not be able to send this Connection an Offer. You will need to reach out to the Creator directly utilizing the Chat Feature to have them reauthorize their Connection. 

Disconnected- If you are in your Admin Account you may notice that a Creator's Connection has the status of Disconnected. This means that the Creator has completely disconnected their property from the platform. Once this happens you are not able to send that Creator an Offer or request that they re-add their Connection.

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