Navigating VizSearch

With VizSearch you can directly search and sort the visual content of the Creators in our network in order to find the right type of Creator for your Campaigns. 

You can search for visual content using keywords such as “beach” or “surfing”, as well as specific brand names or locations where the image was captured. 

Navigating VizSearch 

1. Log into your account and select the VizSearch icon in the navigation bar. 

2. Once on the VizSearch page, you will be able to view all recent content that has been created by our Influencers. This content is pulled direct from the Creator's feed and has been programmatically labeled as Organic or Sponsored based on known disclosures (AD, #ad, #sponsored, etc). Content is also vetted by our programmatic curation before it is displayed. If the content does not match the set criteria it will not be displayed. 

3. Locate the Keyword search box. Enter a keyword or brand name of your choice and click Search

4. From here, the content that matches your search will populate. You will then have the option to filter your searches by the following: Date posted, Platform Posts, Instagram Post Location. Utilizing the drop down menu, you also have the option to sort your searches by Best Match, Most Engaged, Newest, Oldest. 

5. You can click directly on the image to view more details about the post. From this pop-up, you can also add Creators to Lists and send Direct Offers.

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