Creator Payment Status

After Creators publish their content and submit a verification link to the platform, they will appear in the Published Dashboard. There are a few stages of content publishing that are tracked in the platform:

  • Waiting for Verify
  • Failed Verification
  • Verified

Waiting for Verify

Shows all content that is live but has not passed the second verification test run by the platform 30 days after publishing (3 days for Twitter content). Content under this tab has passed the initial verification process, confirming that content is live but has not yet gone through the secondary verification to confirm that the content is still live and in the Marketer-approved format 30 days after it was posted (3 days for Twitter content). If the content is removed or changed before secondary verification, the content will fail verification. 

Failed Verification

Content that is not live and does not match what was originally approved will fail verification and will not be eligible for payment. These funds will return to your balance. 


Content that has been live for 30 days (3 days for Twitter) and has passed the secondary verification will appear under the Verified tab. 

At any stage of the verification process, the Published Dashboard will show you the content metrics and the ability to view each post natively on the social connection by clicking the View Post link. Creators will only be paid after content has successfully passed the secondary verification test and has been live for 30 days. For all platforms except Twitter, a creator has been paid when content shows under the Verified tab. Twitter content will show under this tab after 3 days but creators will still not receive payment for 30 days to retain continuity.

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