Campaign Finances

There are a few ways to fund your Campaigns within the platform. This article will walk you through the different ways to fund your Campaigns.

Allocating Funds To Your Account  

Before you are able to make Offers to Creators, you will need to allocate funds to your Marketer account from your Organization. This can only be done at the Admin level and will need to be completed before creating your first Campaign. 

Setting A Campaign Budget (optional)  

When you create a new Campaign, you will have the option of setting a Campaign Budget. Your Campaign Budget will ensure you do not overspend your Account Balance, and direct funds accordingly in your Campaign initiatives. You must have funds in your Account Balance in order to set a Campaign budget. *Note: You can only set a Campaign budget when you first create your Campaign. Otherwise, you will have to manage the budget for that Campaign manually.

For example: If you have $1,000 in your main account balance and would like to split those funds between two different campaign initiatives, you can set up your account so that Campaign #1 (To promote your monthly contest) will max out at $500 and Campaign 2 (To promote your new product) will max out at $500. Any funds that aren't used in the Campaign need to be reallocated back to your main balance when your Campaign has ended.

Reallocating Funds To Your Balance  

If you did not use your entire Campaign Budget, you are able to reallocate these funds back to your Account Balance by clicking on the three vertical dots to the right of your Project and selecting Transfer Funds. This will allow you to move unused funds from a Campaign Budget back to your Account Balance or vice versa.

Select the account you would like to transfer from (either Account Balance -or- Campaign Funds) and enter the amount you would like to move.

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