What Is Collaboration Suite?

What Is Collaboration Suite?

Collaboration Suite allows your users to grant account access to 3rd party clients in order to review Creators, Content, and Analytics for specific campaigns. Collaboration Suite limits the access to clients and only share the information that you allow.

How Do I Grant Client Access?

From the Sponsorship dashboard, select the Campaign you wish to grant client access. Click the "Access" tab to start adding clients. When adding clients, you will need their name and email to authorize access to any or all of the capabilities. 

Do They Have To Create Their Own Accounts?

Once you grant a user access to the Campaign, they will be prompted with an email to create their own Collaboration Suite account. If they already have an account from a previous Campaign, they will receive a notification that they now have access to a new Campaign and need to log into their account. 

Can I Take Away Access?

If you have accidentally granted a client access or no longer wish for them to be able to view a Campaign, you can revoke their access. Please see this article for revoking access. 

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