Navigating Your Opportunity Dashboard

The Opportunity Dashboard allows Marketers the ability to navigate and manage their individual Opportunities with ease. Each Opportunity will have its own Dashboard where you can view all Creator offers and perform tasks on actionable items. Below you will find a list of all of the items located on the Opportunity Dashboard:

  • Opportunity Info/ Edit Opportunity Details 
  • Offer States
  • Content States
  • Published States
  • Opportunity Analytics
  • SocialSearch

Opportunity Info/Edit Offer Details

The Opportunity information you created when setting up the Campaign can be found on the Opportunity Dashboard. To locate the Opportunity Information select the drop-down arrow next to Pause and select Opportunity Info. This page will show the Opportunity information as it is presented to Creators. 

You can also edit the Opportunity Details from the Opportunity Dashboard. To edit your Opportunity details, select the drop-down arrow next to Pause and click Edit Opportunity Details. From here you will be able to edit any Additional Files you have added to your Opportunity. 

Offer States

The Opportunity Dashboard will allow you to navigate through the different states of an offer including the offer process, the content creation process and viewing the final published content for your Opportunity. Below you will find a detailed description of the different Offer States:

  • Direct Offers Sent - offers made directly to specific users as Direct Offers.
  • New Bids - offers that have been submitted by Creators who would like to participate. Marketers are under no obligation to accept these offers but should use the decline feature if they will never consider the offer. If the Opportunity is created with the “Invite Only” option checked, this section will be empty and display the following message: “There are no bids submitted at this time.”
  • Negotiate - offers that are actively being negotiated with a Creator.
  • Missed - offers that were missed by the Creator.
  • Declined - offers or bids that were declined by the Creator. These cannot be reopened on either side.


This section of your dashboard contains all Offers that have been approved and are in the content creation phase. In this section, you will be able to Review, Approve, Request Revisions and Decline content. Below you will find a detailed description of the different Content States:

  • Waiting for Content - Creators that are in the process of creating content.
  • Ready For Review - the Creator has submitted their content and it is waiting to be reviewed. 
  • Waiting For Revision - any revisions you have requested will move to this tab.
  • Waiting For Publish - this status means that the content has been approved but not yet published. This can be for a variety of reasons, for example, it’s a self-publishing site like Instagram or Blogs, or you have set a publish date in the future for auto-publishing platforms like Twitter and Facebook.


Once you have approved content, it will move to the Published section of your Opportunity Dashboard. Below you will find a detailed description of the different Published States:

  • Waiting For Verify - Once content has been published, the platform will verify that the approved content matches the content posted on the requested connection. If it does not, the Creator is notified and asked to make corrections where possible. 
  • Failed Verification - Any post that has failed to verify, regardless of the reason, will be listed in this section.
  • Verified - Any post that has passed verification will be listed in this section


With Opportunity Analytics you, can determine ROI, Reach and Engagements per platform (Facebook, Blogs, Instagram ect). You can read more about your Opportunity Analytics by visiting this article. Please note any metrics shown are for illustrative purposes only and are generated from a test account; these examples do not in any way represent typical results.


SocialSearch brings the power of the Twitter Firehose to your fingertips! Create a search for a hashtag or keyword, and we will show you historical activity trends, the top links included with the tweets, a geography distribution, and more! If you would like to learn more about SocialSearch click here. 

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