Navigating Your Marketer Dashboard

When you first log into your account, you will be taken to the main page: your Marketer Dashboard. From here you will be able to locate your Campaigns and navigate to other sections within the platform. Let's get started! 

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Unity Workflow

Unity Workflow provides you with the flexibility to have Creators submit multiple pieces of content for various social platforms in one Offer. You will also have the flexibility to modify Projects and Offers after they are created. You can find more information about Unity Workflow here.

Unity Search

Unity Search allows you to filter through our network of over 750K+ Creators in a few simple clicks. You can search by a keyword or narrow down your search even further by using our customizable filters. You can find more information about Unity Search here.


With VizSearch, you can directly search and sort the visual content of the Creators in our network in order to find the right type of Creator for your Campaigns. You can search for visual content using keywords such as “beach” or “surfing”, as well as specific brand names or locations where the image was captured. You can find more information about using VizSearch here.


The List feature allows you to create vetted lists of Creators that you can use to group Creators for specific Opportunities. These lists will only be available to you and will not be accessible by any other users in the system. You can find more information about Lists here.

Direct Pay 

If you have expenses that need to be paid to Creator's who have participated in a Campaign, you can send a payment to the Creator on your Direct Pay tab. The Direct Pay tab is not to be used for paying Creator's for their posts for any Sponsorship opportunities that they have completed through the platform. You can find more information about your Direct Pay tab here.


With ContentMine you are able to access all of the assets created during your Campaigns. These assets can be grouped, filtered and downloaded to share. This article will walk you through navigating the basics of your ContentMine. You can find more information about ContentMine here.

Promoted Posts

If you have chosen to leverage Promoted Posts in any of your Campaigns, the Promoted Posts section is where you will be able to manage that. You can find more information about Promoted Posts here.

Supplemental Terms

If you have uploaded any Supplemental Terms documents to your Projects, this section is where you will be able to view and manage all of them.

Top Navigation

Current Balance 

The Current Balance section at the top of your account is essentially your Marketer Wallet. These funds are available for you to allocate to your Campaigns and Opportunities. If you click on the Current Balance section you will be taken to your Finance Dashboard where you can view all the Financial information for your account.  


By clicking on your avatar, you can access your User Settings, Account Settings, Finances, and also sign out.

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