Setting An Account Avatar

In order to work in the system, you must have an Avatar set for your account. This can be your brand logo or an image that identifies with your brand. The following article will walk you through setting this image. 

1. Click on your name in the top right corner and then select Account Settings.

2. Click the Profile tab.

3. Your view will default to the Account Info sub-tab where you can update your photo. Click Choose New Avatar and then Upload Your Own.

4. An icon will appear for you to upload your photo. Click Upload Photo.

5. From here, select the photo you wish to use from your computer. Your photo must be at least 960 x 960px.

6. Once selected, modify your image with the cropping tool and then click Crop.

7. If you had an old avatar, you will see both your old and new photo listed. 

8. Now that you have uploaded your photo, be sure to click Submit to save your changes.

9. Congratulations! Your Account Avatar has been successfully updated.

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